MamaBear Holistic Care

Prenatal and Postpartum Services Designed to Empower and Support You Every Step of Motherhood

Agnes believes it is time for a more holistic approach to caring for mamas in the community.

Parents hire her to navigate the unchartered territory of motherhood with Prenatal classes, CPR classes, Sleep coaching, Postpartum and Breastfeeding support. Her passion for helping Mamas, comes from her experience both as an RN and as a Mama. Agnes started MamaBear Holistic Care to fill a void for new parents as they prepare for their journey into motherhood/parenthood.

She is known for making clients feel safe, supported and most importantly, she listens wholeheartedly, while at the same exploring their needs. She leads with warmth, honesty, compassion and passion as she interacts with her clients, while supporting and empowering them.


1323 Charter Hill Drive Coquitlam, - Coquitlam, BC - V3E 1P1