Marieta Akalski, RMT – Sports Massage Therapy

Trusted by Professional Athletes - NHL, NBA, MLB, Climbers, Mountain Bikers

For over 10 years, Marieta’s Massage Therapy approach has aimed to create individualized treatment plans designed to target the root cause of pain and to empower her clients to optimum health and wellness.

As one of Canada’s most accomplished rock climbers, Marieta has a special interest in treating sports injuries. She’s worked with many professional athletes from the NHL and NBA and has consulted with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Since moving to Squamish, Marieta has been helping Climbers, Mountain Bikers, Runners, Skiers, Snowboarders, and all other outdoor sports enthusiasts perform their sports at their optimum abilities.

Marieta’s goal is to get you feeling better, moving better, and living better, whether you have a sports injury or are experiencing aches and pains from daily living. Her unique treatment style is a cross-over between Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Marieta can help YOU reach your health goals by relieving muscle tension, releasing joint restrictions, increasing joint mobility, and empowering you to strengthen supporting musculatures.

Marieta has been fortunate to have had amazing mentorship in her career and has taken many professional development courses to include in her treatments.

Marieta’s massage therapy sessions may include a combination of:
– Deep tissue massage
– Myofascial release
– Active Release Techniques – ART
– Functional Range Conditioning – FRC
– Myofascial Cupping
– Fascial Stretch Therapy
– Relaxation Massage

Marieta can help you with:
– Tension Headaches
– Migraines
– Neck Pain
– Shoulder / Rotator Cuff Tear
– Golfers Elbow / Medial Elbow Pain
– Tennis Elbow / Lateral Elbow Pain
– Back Pain
– Hip Tightness
– Knee Pain
– Ankle Pain


#50-1188 Main St, - Squamish, BC - V8B 0Z3