Massey Victory Heights Residents’ Association

Know What's Happening in Your Community and Stay Connected with Your Neighbours

The Massey Victory Heights Residents’ Association (MVHRA) was established by the City of New Westminster to provide a platform for residents to discuss and consider local issues. Their mandate is to foster community and ensure livability within our neighbourhood, which represents approximately 1,000 households.

The Massey Victory Heights neighbourhood in New Westminster encompasses the area of:

  • South of 10th Avenue
  • North of 8th Avenue
  • East of McBride
  • West of Columbia Street E
  • Plus the two blocks bounded by Colby Street along East Columbia Street border

All residents are encouraged to attend meetings/events and participate in the MVHRA. Each year, they organize a neighbourhood garage sale on the first Saturday in May and the Massey Heights Neighbourhood Block Party on the first Sunday after Labour Day, as well as regular meetings throughout the year.

The annual membership fee is just $10, which helps them hold meetings, produce events and advocate the important issues to elected officials and governments (municipal, provincial and federal). As a member, you will receive regular emails about what’s happening in your community and be connected with your neighbours.


900 Bentall 2, Po Box 273 - 555 Burrard St, Burnaby, Ca