Northyards Cider Co.

It’s All about the Juice

The idea for Northyards Cider starting germinating many years ago at, of all places, the Bellingham “April Brews Days” Beer Festival. Alison, our cider maker, not a beer drinker, found herself alone while her partner Kathleen and their friends happily went from tent to tent drinking all the IPAs they could get their hands on.

Lonely and cold (it always rains at that festival), Alison was about to give up when she came across a cider vendor and thought she’d give it a try. A spark went off. Since that first sip of Finn River’s black currant cider, Alison’s passion has been sourcing, and later making, the most delicious craft ciders.

After a bunch of years of studying, researching and planning, Alison and Kathleen decided to go for it, put their talents together, and start their own craft cidery in Squamish, B.C., their home since 2010.


9-38936 Queens Way, - Squamish, BC - V8B 0V2