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13988 Maycrest Way #180 #185 #190, - Richmond, BC - V6V 3C3
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Richmond E-Bike is your solution to the problems of road traffic, oil price hikes, and pollution that seem to be unsolvable.

Richmond E-bike is a family-owned company committed to bringing you quality electric bike, electric scooter, and electric motorcycle at affordable prices. We value every customer and go above and beyond to provide the best customer service that you would get in our e-bike shop or getting your e-bike delivered to your doorstep.

"I purchased a bike a month ago. Very impressed with the performance, very powerful motor and the big battery that give me more range than what I need for my commute everyday; and their super customer service. I've been in a few e bike shops in Vancouver, very pushy sales people, some of them don't even know ebike well enough to answer my questions. Ways to go Richmond E-bike. Very good people and a lot of models here."