Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS)

Providing Services for Newcomers to Live Meaningfully in Richmond

Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS) was originally founded as the Richmond Multicultural Concerns Society in 1985. RMCS began as an advocacy group to support newcomers facing barriers and challenges with settling in Richmond, as well as facing discrimination and racism.

RMCS is run by Executive Director, Parm Grewal who oversees the operation of the organization. They have a highly qualified staff of 15 who speak over 15 different languages.

The group also has the support of over 250 committed volunteers (who are more like family)!

Their vision is for a harmonious and inclusive society that values equality and diversity. At RMCS, the mission is to foster intercultural harmony through leadership, collaboration, and quality service delivery.

Today, RMCS provides a variety of services to immigrant and refugee communities in Richmond. RMCS plays an important role in the settlement, education, and integration of immigrants from the day they arrive in Richmond. They strive to welcome newcomers by assisting with their initial settlement needs such as language development, job search skills and networking skills within the community


7000 Minoru Boulevard, - Richmond , BC - V6Y 3Z5