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Feeling Better Starts Here.

Guardian and I.D.A. pharmacies are independently owned and operated by pharmacists who believe in investing in the best possible patient care. Together, Guardian and I.D.A. have been a part of the Canadian landscape for close to 85 years. They are united in a shared pledge to be your local community pharmacy of choice.//I.D.A. pharmacies have provided exemplary care to patients since 1932, when the Independent Druggists’ Alliance (I.D.A.) was first established in Canada.

The Guardian pharmacy banner was founded in 1964 with the same unwavering commitment to the profession. Over the years, both have become trusted names in pharmacy care and have garnered tremendous loyalty from their patients.//At Guardian and I.D.A., patients are empowered to live healthy and active lives through the provision of personalized, compassionate, holistic care.


5740 Teredo St, - Sechelt, BC - V0N 3A0