Lebanese food simplified

JamJar Provisions

Jamjar Provisions is Lebanese food simplified. Using only the freshest local ingredients and cooking with love, the staff at JamJar take pride in serving you swiftly as they understand your time is precious. They do this while still customizing each and every meal because each and every meal is so different. And they do it all in a fun vibrant setting.

Enjoy an intimate dining experience cooked live at your table. Serving traditional Lebanese food, the dishes rotate on a weekly basis to cover an expansive tapestry of Lebanese dishes. Served at a large communal table seating 6 people, this is a unique dining experience giving you the opportunity to interact with your chef and get insights on how dishes are created. Dinner is inclusive of two glasses of wine or beer. Bookings can be made through the link below.

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5530 Wharf Ave


V0N 3A0

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