Smokehouse Sandwich Co.

Quality Meats Sourced Locally and Smoked in House

Growing up in the Philippines immersed founder and chief Rico in traditional farm-to-table customs. People lived off the land, harvesting their own vegetables and raising their own livestock. These formative experiences inspired him to source only the freshest ingredients for his culinary creations, and strive towards a farm-to-table model for Smokehouse Sandwich. From the in-house smoked meats with creative spice rubs to house-made dressings and bright fresh vegetables from local farms, each Smokehouse sandwich is simple, yet carries a unique story. They pride themselves on providing the highest quality food to customers. All of the meats are sourced locally, seasoned with a secret blend of herbs and spices, and smoked right in the restaurant! The wood smokers run 6 days a week and they also offer all of our meats on their own. Whenever you are craving some high-quality smoked meats, Smokehouse Sandwich is just a call away!


Mon - Sat
9am - 5pm


5188 Westminster Hwy, - Richmond, BC - V7C 5S7