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This island offers stunning sceneries, beaches, vineyards, outdoor activities like hiking, surfing and much more. It is an ideal destination to visit with your friends to get away from the buzzing city life.

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SC Lifeline


SC Lifeline

Sunshine Coast Lifeline is part of the Comox Valley Lifeline Society which serves the Sunshine Coast, Cowichan Valley, Chemainus-Crofton, Comox Valley, Campbell River, and North Vancouver Island. Lifeline is an easy-to-use personal emergency response system that lets you summon help any time of the day or night, even if you cant speak. Not all falls can be prevented. If a fall does occur, older adults need to be sure they can reach help easily and quickly, especially if they are injured, in order to prevent further injury and dangerous complications. All you have to do is press your Personal Help Button, worn on a wristband or pendant and a Personal Response Associate will ensure you get help fast. The Comox Valley Lifeline Society offers a variety of medical alert services designed specifically for older adults that provide fast, 24/7 access to expert help in an emergency. These services range from the standard HomeSafe service to the fall detection capability of the HomeSafe with AutoAlert and the freedom of the new GoSafe mobile service. Help at the push of a button.

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