Leis de Buds

Sustainable Flowers, Gorgeously Arranged and Delivered to Your Door!

If you’re looking for sustainable flowers, gorgeously arranged and delivered to your door, look no further! Leis de Buds offers a stunning assortment of blooms for every occasion, sourced straight from the PNW. From gift boxes to cards, they specialize in creating special moments. And, for Beauty on Repeat, they offer subscriptions!

Leis de Buds is a sustainable flower company, specializing in flowers for the conscious consumer, not only with their compostable plant-based wraps and flower food packs, but also with how they source their flowers. Eco-Consciousness is at the core of what they do!

Head to leisdebuds.com to order.


2202 W 4th Ave, - Vancouver, BC - V6K 1N8