Solace Home Comfort – Burnaby

Providing expert hearth, HVAC, heating and cooling solutions

Solace Home Comfort takes the word hearth literally and figuratively. While their company specializes in fireplaces, heating and cooling systems, furnaces, and, yes, even hearths-we believe they do much more than that. In the other sense of the word, they take care of your home.

The comfort of you, your family, and the guests of your home matter to them. They want to work with you to create a beautiful center piece in your living room, or a unique gathering point in your back yard. They want to provide with comfort year round, a place to escape from the heat in the summertime and warm you inside and out during the cold months. Truly, they want to bring you solace.

Home and heating, straight from the hearth.


4025 Hastings St., Burnaby, V5C 2J1, CA