Sunshine Float Integrated Health

Wellness Centre: Floatation Therapy, Infrared Sauna, and RMT

Floating, also known as floatation therapy, is the practice of floating in a warm pool of water saturated with Epsom salts. Floating allows your body and mind to obtain the deepest possible levels of rest, resulting in optimum stress relief and enhanced physical and mental rejuvenation. Also known as REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique), floatation therapy is backed up by scientific research and has immense potential for personal growth and healing. Float Sechelt also offers both Relaxation & RMT Massage Therapy and Nutrition Coaching with an RHN. Also available are select retail items that focus on health & wellness like TeaFarm Organic Tea, Harmonic Arts (superfoods, spices, extracts), Safe Skincare products, and reusable products like S’well Bottles and Libre Tea Glasses.


Wed - Sat
12pm - 5pm


5652 Dolphin St, - Sechelt, BC - V0N 3A3