Fainting Couch Spa

Boutique Beauty Spa

Fainting Couch Spa is a boutique Beauty Spa located on Molly’s Lane, just steps from Gibsons Harbour. Offering a full range of services in a laid back, relaxing atmosphere. The Estheticians are highly skilled, and maintain high standards of service, with guest care being a top priority. They cater to the individual, immediate needs of each guest, and do not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to spa services. Everyone deserves a bit of time for themselves—even if it is just a brief moment. So relax, and enjoy the many services this spa offers.


Mon - Wed
10am - 6pm
Thur - Fri
10am - 7pm


287 Gower Point Rd, Molly's Ln Unit 110, - Gibsons, BC - V0N 1V0