Biodynamic ​​Craniosacral ​Therapy

One Feather Healing

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a trauma-informed light touch bodywork 100 years in its evolution. It is founded in osteopathy and influenced by advances in neuroscience, pain science, human development, pre, and perinatal psychology, and trauma resolution. BCST provides a profoundly transformational and supportive healing opportunity bringing lasting benefits to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

One of BCST’s strengths is its ability to restore healthy nervous system balance, engaging and stimulating the parasympathetic chain (the brake pedal = rest, digest, heal), namely the health-propagating Vagus Nerve (network) and unhooking the grip of our sometimes overactive sympathetic chain (the gas peddle). The body’s access to intelligent and abundant restorative patterns gets to work quickly towards homeostasis and overall health and wellbeing. The natural entanglement of your emotional, spiritual and physical landscape is a complex and dynamic being. Left-over residue from difficult experiences, trauma, or stress impacts, that may linger within our nervous system, body, mind, heart, tissues, bones, and cells, is often the root of our ailment or struggle.

BCST provides the space to gently unravel and reorganize towards health abundance with universal wisdom. This invites a profound Homecoming. To self and place. A re-remembering of your wholeness and oneness. A reconnection to inner knowing, of your body’s biology, your soul’s strength, the power, and freedom of remembering what and where you are. This has been the personal experience of the owner, Megan Martin and she is honoured to witness it in her clients. She considers BCST her calling and authentic work in this world and serves to share its key to health abundance with her clients. Your most potent potential awaits.



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