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Ruby Tuesday Accessories, Jewellery, Handbags, Seasonal Footwear and Gifts

Women and Jewellery go together. For some, jewellery satisfies the desire to stand out, for others the need to fit in. Whatever the reason, jewellery makes us feel good. Ruby Tuesday Accessories has jewellery for every woman regardless of age or tastes, from the hip and trendy, to casual or elegant.

Ruby Tuesday Accessories is not just about jewellery, but also offers trendy handbags, accessories, and seasonal footwear. No matter what the occasion, or no occasion at all, Ruby Tuesday`s accessories and jewellery can add pizazz to any wardrobe.

Located in Whistler, British Columbia, Ruby Tuesday Accessories is just 2 hours north of Vancouver on Canada`s West Coast. Amid breathtaking mountains, Ruby Tuesday thrives in the bustle of Whistler Village alongside restaurants, stores, and nightclubs that all make an unforgettable Whistler experience.


26A 4314 Main St, - Whistler, BC - V8E 1A8